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Kaksi vanhempaa rouvaa istuu vierekkäin ja hymyilee kameralle.

In the field of communication and services, Avaava® is specialised in helping contracting entities, designers, contractors and operators obtain accessibility. We help organisations take into consideration the diversity of the users, their different needs and ways of receiving communication.

Accessibility testing and –surveys

Pöydällä kannettava tietokone ja valkoinen keppi kokoon taitettuna. Henkilön kädet näppäimistöllä.

With website accessibility testing, we can specify the accessibility of a website with regard to usability and technical specifications. During the testing, we will find out how well the website works for different users, for example for people with impaired vision. We also do extensive accessibility surveys, determining the consideration and presence of accessibility and diversity in an organisation’s strategy, communication and customer service.

Training, consultation and design

Ryhmä tuoleilla istuvia henkilöitä takaapäin kuvattuna.

We provide consultation and training services to organisations, for developing accessible communication and services. We provide consultation services on all levels of organisation and processes, from strategies to website coding. For example, Avaava® drafts accessibility plans in accordance with the WCAG 2.0 criteria, and organises training events for the EU accessibility directive, the accessibility and user needs regarding digital communication and electronic transactions. Avaava’s experienced specialists are always included in the training events.

Website design and building

Aurinkoisesti hymyilevä nainen kädessään valkoinen keppi.

We can help with the design and building of accessible websites. We offer website design and technical implementation on a turn-key principle. We can design modern and inspiring websites that are also accessible, easy to understand, clear and technically accessible.