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Henkilö valkoinen keppi kädessä seisoo rullaportaissa Tikkurilan rautatieasemalla.

In the field of construction, we are specialised in helping all construction professionals – designers, builders and construction companies – with achieving an accessible environment.

Accessibility surveys

Nainen tutkii työmaalla kypärä päässä poistumistiekarttaa.

In accessibility surveys, we determine the accessibility of sites and premises, for people with different kinds of mobility and functionality impairments. We provide accessibility surveys for renovation projects as well as new buildings, for the benefit of the builders and the designers. Our survey method is based on construction regulations as well as recommendations. As a result of the survey, we will compile a report highlighting any identified problem areas and solution suggestions.

Accessibility consultation and design

Pöydällä arkkitehtipiirustukset, joihin suunnittelija on piirtämässä kynällä.

Our accessibility design and consultation service can help with small and large construction projects. Accessibility consultation can be extensive, providing information support throughout the entire planning and implementation stage, or it can be accessibility advice that can be implemented quickly, for example the survey of product options. We provide complete accessibility plans for building permits, and we offer design help as the work progresses. Our design service includes finished images for the client’s use.

Accessibility training

Tilassa useita ihmisiä liikkeessä.

Our accessibility training includes an extensive range of accessibility information. The course content is customised according to our clients’ needs. For example, the course can be built around the accessibility challenges of an on-going construction object, or the course content can be limited to only some areas of accessibility, e.g. a functional seeing or hearing environment. The lecturers of Avaava® courses are the best experts in the various fields of accessibility.