Avaava washbasins

Together with the Finnish company Durat Oy, Avaava has developed a range of accessible washbasins for toilet and bathroom facilities. Durat Oy has traditionally been manufacturing various washbasins, shelves, bathtubs and fittings from the ecological polyester-based material Durat developed by the company.

Punainen käsienpesuallastaso

Durat-materiaalin mallipaloja eri väreissä.

There are two accessible basic washbasin shelves, the EST 100 and the EST 200. In both models, the level and shape of the washbasin can be customised for any site. To some extent, it is also possible to change the size and shape of the washbasin. There are numerous colour options. Attached correctly, the shelf can support weight, and it is possible to integrate support handles into it. In addition to the standard washbasin models, it is also possible to manufacture special customised washbasins.

Developed in Finland, Durat is an ecological solid plastic material that contains about 30% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. Durat is the only solid surface manufacturer who uses recycled plastic in their product. As it can be processed easily, Durat can also be used for manufacturing many kinds of shelves and customised products, in addition to a wide variety of standard washbasins. The accessible Durat shelves can be used with many different washbasin sizes. Durat feels warm and silky, but it can withstand heavy use. Durat is a durable material, and its surface can be renewed by light sanding.
Durat has an extensive colour palette. There are more than 70 colours available. Custom colours available by request.

We are happy to tell you more about Avaava’s accessible washbasins, and our accessible toilet and bathroom facilities concept.

Download the Avaava washbasin brochure here.