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Company history

Avaava Oy is a consultation and design agency, but it is also part of a corporate family with a unique mission!

Mission and vision

Our mission is to create an equal life and environment for everyone in keeping with the All Inclusive design principles. We are dedicated to creating comprehensive accessible, all-inclusive user experiences in digital and physical environments and services.

We are involved in information modelling and signage design that considers all the senses. Our mission is to refashion the thinking of professionals and deepen the understanding of organisations’ services. Respecting diversity and the Design for All principle, our vision is to create user-oriented solutions and a more equal everyday life for each and every person! Smooth and safe running errands and moving around, in both digital and physical environment, is a fundamental right of all people.


Equality as the No. 1 goal

Our passion is to achieve positive changes in people’s lives and to help people cope. Accessibility must be an inherent part of the society – it is a fundamental human right. As we pursue equality, it is important for us to ensure that our solutions endure as intact, aesthetical, and ethical entireties.

Dream work in a top team

Well-being establishes the prerequisites for a dream job. We want to foster the unique Avaava spirit. We cherish inspiring co-operation, maintain positive energy and take care of continuous expertise development. Diversity is important for us. We draw strength from work that makes a difference, from different personalities and diverse top expertise.

Proud of our journey

We are pioneers of inclusive and Design for All design in Finland. We have paved the way for an important development, even though the road has been winding at times. We look humbly at our journey, but we are also proud of what we have learned and how we have continually evolved to meet new challenges. We assess our projects not only based on the earnings, but also from the perspective of learning and development.

Terhi (left) and Marjo Kivi joined forces 12 years ago, when passionate work in the name of the Design for All ideology began. In 2017, Avaava Digital Oy was founded in collaboration with Petteri Alinikula, Chairman of the Board.

From company to corporate family

Avaava is part of the Karanttia-Avaava corporate family based on Karanttia Oy Perusturva established by Antti Kairinen, the owner, in 1987. In 2008, Tekes (now Business Finland) granted financing to Karanttia for accessible construction-focused business and development of the Kohosign signage solution considering all the senses. In 2009, Avaava was born and customer projects were launched. In 2015, Avaava became a subsidiary of Karanttia.

Avaava and Karanttia operate in joint premises near the Vanhankaupunginkoski Waterfall in Helsinki. Our people work together; we engage in development work across organisation boundaries. Besides sharing the premises, we share the best practices and operating models. In 2017, Avaava joined forces with Allikko Oy. This resulted in the foundation of Avaava Digital Oy, a leading expert of digital accessibility in Finland.

We engage in endeavours related to occupational well-being and joint operation together. The Avaava and Karanttia teams include, among others, technology and biology PhDs, designers, an interior architect, a graphic artist, political, trade, cognition, industrial engineering, and education scientists, as well as scientists in the field of construction. In addition, we have computer science professionals and a Master of Science in industrial engineering. Our team includes representatives of four nationalities and the age bracket ranges between 20 and 77. The users’ perspective is also strongly represented, since people with different kinds of mobility and functionality impairments are involved. The seeing eye dog Niilo and service dog Helmi bring joy to the work community.

“Avaava has been paving the way for an important development for 12 years, even though the road has been winding at times. We have the positive Avaava spirit that our employees foster and customers praise. For the people at Avaava, doing work that matters is important, and we are defined by the yearning to make the world a better place. The past year has clearly demonstrated the importance of the accessibility of digital services. It is rewarding to see that our expertise is valued and needed. Of course, it would be great for the world to already embrace equality.” – Terhi Tamminen, CEO, Avaava Oy.