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AccessibleEU events

Avaava has been selected as Finland’s representative in the European Commission’s four-year AccessibleEU flagship initiative. As part of the initiative, Avaava will organise events and seminars related to inclusion and accessibility in both digital and physical environments. Three events will be organised in autumn 2023. All the events are free.

The events are mainly in Finnish. Information on events in other languages will be provided separately. Each of our seminars offers speech-to-text interpreting in Finnish as well as interpreting in Finnish Sign Language.

This page compiles information about the events.

If you have any questions related to the events, please contact Sami Virtanen, Project Manager in the AccessibleEU initiative: sami.virtanen@avaava.fi

Upcoming events

Inclusive Transportation for All

22nd November 2023, 09:00–15:00

Venue: Helsinki City Hall, Event Square

Greetings from the Ministry of Transport and Communications: Minister of Transport and Communications Lulu Ranne

Accessibility vision of  the Ministry of Transport and Communications – LVM presents

Comment speech: Jaakko Knuutila, leader of the design branch, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Making public transport accessible—challenges and opportunities

  • Ann Frye, Senior Accessibility specialist, director, access & Inclusion Forum of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and the UK Government appointed Ambassador for Disability and Access at Airports (in English)

How to reach the accessible travel chain in practice? A panel conversation. Including, among others:

  • Casper Suovalo, Service Quality Specialist, VR
  • Joona Packalen, Passenger Information Manager, HSL
  • Experience specialist Anna Pasanen, wheelchair rugby national team

Smart rail transport, Tero Avellan, dissertation researcher, University of Tampere / Tampere Accessibility Unit Taccu.

Tillgänglighet inom trafikverksamheten i Sverige, Andreas Pettersson, Södertörn University (in Swedish)

Networking Lunch (at your own expense)

Equipment requirements and accessibility in bus traffic acquisitions. A session of introduction and conversation about the aforementioned statement

  • Transport and Communications agency Traficom & WSP

Closing words and a chance to try the AgeMan simulation suit


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Accessibility in e-commerce

5th December 2023, 09:00–15:00

Venue: will be revealed later, remote attendance also available

Opening words, Finnish Commerce Federation

Introduction: what is accessibility – an inclusive service path to e-commerce and how can the business field benefit from developing acccessibility? An introduction to the AccessibleEU initiative, Avaava

What is the accessibility directive and whom does it concern in the field of commerce? Regional State Administrative Agency, AVI

The accessibility directive from the perspective of trade operators, comment speech Finnish Commerce Federation


Accessibility as a pacemaker for customer experience and business


Discussion and questions

10 min pause


E-commerce accessibility in practice

Discussion and questions

  • Case examples: accessibility as a part of designing a web shop — perspectives and experiences
  • E-commerce accessibility from the user perspective, Veera Florica Rajala, FSS, Swedish-Finnish Visually Impaired Association
  • The most typical accessibility challenges in e-commerce & checklist, tips, development work, Avaava

Discussion and questions

Concluding the forenoon events and a send-off to the afternoon, Avaava

Networking Lunch (at your own expense)

Demonstrational stands with experts by experience


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Former events

Designing an inclusive customer experience & an introduction to the AccessibleEU initiative

12th September 2023, 09:00–13:00

Venue: Helsinki City Hall, Event Square

Opening speech, Terhi Tamminen, Avaava

  • Introducing the AccessibleEU initiative
  • What is an inclusive customer experience and related design?

City of Helsinki – Accessibility application and world’s most accessible service map

  • Henna Niemi, Project Manager, City of Helsinki
  • Kati Seppälä, Project Manager, City of Helsinki

Inclusivity in tourism of Helsinki, highlights from the new policy

  • Nina Vesterinen, Tourism Director

The new Museum of Architecture and Design

  • Kaarina Gould, Project Director

The inclusive design process from the end-user’s perspective

  • Sami Virtanen and Senni Hirvonen, experts by experience

Closing words

An opportunity to test the AgeMan simulation suit and other demo devices in the workspace.


Accessibility information

  • Accessible bathroom
  • Accessible entrance
  • Speech-to-text interpretation, both live and for remote viewers
  • Interpretation in Finnish Sign Language, both live and for remote viewers
  • Induction loop

More information about the Event Square available on hel.fi (opens in a new window)

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Contact us for more information!

Terhi Tamminen, Business and Development Director / Finnish Representative in the AccessibleEU initiative
Tel. +358 45 135 8932
Email terhi.tamminen@avaava.fi

Sami Virtanen, Project Manager in the AccessibleEU initiative, Design for All influencer
Tel. +358 50 553 8555
Email sami.virtanen@avaava.fi


More information about the AccessibleEU initiative on social media

AccessibleEU website