Bathroom collection

Our bathroom collection includes the design-award-winning Cavere product family and accessible washbasins by Durat.

Design images for accessible toilets and bathrooms are available on our website.

Bathroom products

Cavere bathroom fittings

Avaava imports bathroom fittings and aids manufactured by Normbau (Germany). Designers in Finland are especially attracted to Cavere, an award-winning line of bathroom fittings and aids designed by C.F Möller Architects.

Avaava washbasins

Together with the Finnish company Durat Oy, Avaava has developed a range of accessible washbasins for toilet and bathroom facilities. The washbasin tops are made of the ecological, polyester-based material Durat.

Design drawings

Avaava’s design team offers design services for various signage design and building projects. Avaava has produced ready-to-use design drawings for accessible toilet and bathroom facilities for site designers and construction professionals. Explore our design images or contact Avaava’s designers.