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Cavere bathroom fittings

Avaava imports bathroom fittings and aids manufactured by Normbau (Germany). Designers in Finland are especially attracted to Cavere, an award-winning line of bathroom fittings and aids designed by C.F Möller Architects. The collection includes all kinds of bathroom accessories, such as, for example, clothes hooks, shower handrails, hairdryer holders and waste bins, as well as a comprehensive range of accessible toilet aids.

You can find additional information and DWG images of Cavere’s most popular products below. All of the products can also be explored on the Normbau website.

You are welcome to our showroom at Albertinkatu 6, Helsinki, to get to know the Cavere product family!

You can download ready-to-use design drawings with Cavere aids here: Design drawings >

Colours and products details



Satin Beige

Metallic Silver

Metallic Anthracite

Carbon Black

Chrome White Chrome Anthracite

Shower handrail with shower head rail

Size 600 x 1200 mm (7485 060) Shower handrail DWG file in 2DShower handrail DWG file in 3D

Shower handrail information (PDF, new window)

Also available in the following sizes:
900 x 1200 mm
500 x 750 mm
500 x 1100 mm

Paper roll holder for lift-up support rail

Size 130 x 115 mm (7449 110) Paper roll holder DWG file in 2D , Paper roll holder DWG file in 3D

Paper roll holder information (PDF, new window)

Wall-mounted toilet brush set

Size 455 x 130 x 110 mm (7525 400) Toilet brush DWG file in 2DToilet brush DWG file in 3D

Toilet brush set information (PDF, new window)