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Signage design is one of the cornerstones of Avaava. Our experience spans 12 years and more than 50 extensive projects. The comprehensive wayfinding and signage design services developed by us include everything from signage logic design to installation. We also use the Kohodesign® signage system based on sensory observations and various intelligent guidance-related solutions.

Signage services and solutions

Signage design

We provide our customers comprehensive services under signage projects of vastly different scale. For example, our services include everything from the design of a single sign to signage design for large central hospital grounds, from contemplation of logics to installation works.

Avaava signs

Avaava has its own signage system, the Kohosign®, which adheres to accessibility principles and includes signage for all senses in addition to the basic signage.


Avaava has carried out more than 50 signage design projects, from single tactile maps to design and implementation of entire hospital campus areas.