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Kylpyhuone-elementtiä lasketaan paikoilleen työmaalla.

Together with Rakennusbetoni- ja elementti Oy, Avaava® has developed an accessible concrete modular bathroom, which is delivered to the construction site completely ready and fully furnished, fitted with aids if necessary.

Esteetön kylpyhuone.

Kylpyhuone-elementtiä lasketaan paikoilleen työmaalla.

The concrete modular bathroom is delivered to the construction site completely ready, fully furnished and fitted. Due to its extreme durability, the concrete modular bathroom can be used during many stages of life, as aids can be easily moved on and added to the strong wall. The complete modular bathroom also has other advantages:

•    Made from concrete, very resistant to moisture.
•    The module can be connected to the building service technology easily and quickly.
•    The construction time on the work site will decrease.
•    The construction of the module, its moisture isolation and furnishing takes place in controlled dry indoor premises.
•    Ensured compliance with quality, accessibility and regulatory requirements.
•    A single supplier has the overall liability.