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Erilasia opastemateriaaleja.

We have more than ten years of experience and skill in signage design, applying the Design for All design principle. Avaava® has developed a signage and wayfinding system that adheres to accessibility principles, taking into consideration all people with different functional and mobility impairments, also with vision impairments and blindness. We offer signage requirement overviews, signage design, we can take care of the entire signage production and its surveillance. Avaava® has its own signage system, the Kohosign®, which adheres to accessibility principles and includes signage for all senses in addition to the basic signage. Link to the Kohosign® signage system.

Porvoon Taidetehtaan kohokartta.
Taidetehdas, Porvoo

Lääkärin vastaanottohuoneen numero-opaste.
Dextra Lapsettomuusklinikka, Helsinki

Ohjaava opaste lasiseinässä.
Oppimis- ja ohjauskeskus Valteri, Onerva. Jyväskylä