Designing All Inclusive Experiences

Avaava Oy is a consultation and design agency that opens doors and levels out thresholds. We are dedicated to creating comprehensive accessible, all-inclusive user experiences in digital and physical environments and services. In addition, we are involved in information modelling and signage design that considers all the senses.

We refashion the thinking of professionals and deepen the understanding of an organisation’s services. Respecting diversity and the Design for All principle, we create user-oriented solutions and a more equal everyday life for everyone!

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Builders of Equal User Experience

Builders of Equal User Experience

The times when accessibility concerned only the physical built environment are over. The developing digital and multi-channel environment intended to serve all people is just as important. Mailmaa...


Avaava’s helpers on Instagram

Avaava’s helpers on Instagram

Avaava’s seeing eye dog Helmi and service dog Niilo observe the world from the canine perspective on their own @avaavan_apurit Instagram account. The observations are made directly from the overlook...

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The accessibility directive is here

The accessibility directive is here

Few people know that the European Union’s accessibility directive is already in force. It establishes common accessibility standards for key services and products. The directive applies to both...

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Accessibility encompasses digital environments designed for all. Avaava is pioneering accessibility services in Finland. We provide services to designers and implementers at different stages of accessibility implementation. Due to the diversification of digital environments, consideration of accessibility is increasingly more important.

Design for All

Design for All (DfA) means physical life environments that take into account the diversity of people. Designing an all-inclusive environment means accessibility of physical services and implementation of equality in the built environment.


Signage design is one of the cornerstones of Avaava. Our experience spans more than 10 years and more than 50 extensive projects. We have developed our own signage and wayfinding method that considers the needs and limitations of different people. We also use the Kohodesign® signage system based on sensory observations and various intelligent guidance-related solutions.