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Accessibility encompasses digital environments designed for all. Avaava is pioneering accessibility services in Finland. We provide services to designers and implementers at different stages of accessibility implementation. Due to the diversification of digital environments, consideration of accessibility is increasingly more important.

Avaava conducts accessibility audits and offers training and consultation. All accessibility work involves the opinion of experts by experience. For example, audits always involve a visually impaired accessibility expert and the training courses illustrate accessibility from the perspective of actual users.

Avaava has been engaged in improvement of the accessibility of public, private, and third sector digital services ever since 2016. By now, Avaava has conducted well over 100 accessibility audits of websites, e-services, and mobile applications. Avaava’s experts have shared their accessibility expertise in more than 50 training courses arranged.

Accessibility services

Accessibility audits

A person sitting in front of a computer screen

Avaava’s experts evaluate accessibility in case of websites, e-commerce services, mobile applications, and electronic documents.

Accessibility training

Elina Jokisuu, Azra Tayyebi and their helper dogs

Avaava offers ready-made training packages, tailored targeted training, and support for improvement of the entire organisation’s accessibility skills.

Accessibility consultation

Two experts smiling in front of a screen

Avaava’s experts can be included in the online services development team, thereby guaranteeing consideration of accessibility from the very beginning of the development project.