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Accessibility training

Avaava’s experts offer ready-made training contents, or the training can be tailored to the customer’s exact needs. The training can be arranged, for example, in the format of efficient lectures, practical workshops, quick information sessions, or open clinics ready to provide assistance with resolution of any accessibility problems.

Examples of training courses offered by Avaava:

  • Accessible web content and social media
  • Accessible documents and forms
  • Accessibility in graphic and UX design, as well as Adobe InDesign
  • Technical accessibility requirements for web service developers
  • Accessibility testing and evaluation
  • Accessibility of mobile applications
  • Accessibility in digital service procurement and development projects

Avaava’s experts are also at your service if the aim is development of the organisation’s own accessibility skills. For example, Avaava’s team can help you with:

  • Drawing up a training plan for ensuring long-term and goal-oriented personnel development
  • Coaching of the organisation’s own internal accessibility expert or network of accessibility experts verkosto
  • Providing in-service training for international accessibility expert certification