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Signage design

The signage and wayfinding system developed by Avaava takes into consideration all people with different functional and mobility impairments, including the visually impaired and blind. The signage design services offered by Avaava include the design of signage logic, preparation of signage needs specifications, and design of the visual appearance of signs. If necessary, we also take care of sign production, as well as of production monitoring and installation. Signage design is always based on a unified, coherent and accessible signage system that takes into account the diversity of users, complies with the ambient architecture and environment, can be integrated into ICT systems, is easy to maintain and update, and is cost-effective.

Avaava has provided signage design and implementation services for various office buildings, commercial premises, hospitals, doctor’s offices, teaching facilities, libraries, training centres, and churches. Among the most demanding and extensive of our projects are several comprehensive signage designs for different central hospitals.

Avaava’s special area of expertise is signage design for all senses; as a model example, consider the signage system for blind customers at the Central Library Oodi, which is unparalleled even on the international level.

Intelligent signage

In addition to the traditional fixed and static signage, various digital and dynamic signage methods have been developed in recent years. In its projects, Avaava makes sure that these two signage domains differing by implementation are combined into a single, complete signage system.

As part of the nationwide 6Aika project, Avaava has compiled the Smart City Signage Handbook, which is an overview of a comprehensive signage model in which traditional signage and digital solutions complement each other. The handbook is aimed at municipalities interested in developing signage, companies providing signage solutions, and private and public service providers. The handbook supports the municipalities in signage design and implementation.

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